Much of the recovery from bipolar is rooted in the ability of the person to manage the condition.

Training on self-management is available. Bipolar Scotland run a training course which is modular and teaches people how to recognise personal triggers and early warning signs, which in turn will enable participants to understand how and when to take action to prevent the mood shift from escalating to severe depression or mania.

The course is modular and the content is as follows:

Module 1 Acceptance
Module 2 Triggers and warning signs
Module 3 Coping strategies and medication management
Module 4 Focussing on the future
Module 5 Bringing it all together

The SMT course is run over two consecutive Saturday’s and a follow up session held one month later (again on a Saturday). For the first two Saturday’s the course is run between 10.00 am – 4.30pm. The follow up session on the third Saturday is held between 10am – 12.30pm.

Participants are advised against taking part if they have recently spent time in hospital. Participants need to be well enough to fully take part in all three days and must be prepared to cover topics which can be challenging.

For further information on undertaking self-management training, contact us.

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