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Are you having a clearout of your old clothes? Unsure what happens to the charity bags coming through your door? Why not request a bag from Clothes For Charity, and know the proceeds are going to your chosen charity. They will deliver and uplift as few or as many bags as you need. Get rid of your clutter and help Bipolar Scotland. 

Bipolar Scotland have partnered up with a great new organisation called Clothes For Charity to make it simpler and much more secure for you to donate your unwanted clothes and help fundraise for us.

At, you can choose to donate to us, request a secure and trackable donation bag and Clothes For Charity will pick it up from wherever’s convenient for you. They’ll even send you an email telling you it got their safely.

This is how it works

  1. Visit and register your details.
  2. Choose our charity from their list of charity partners.
  3. Request a bag and they will post it out to you. When it arrives you’ll see it’s got a leaflet marked with our name, a barcode and instructions on what to do next.
  4. Fill it up with all the clothes you want to donate. Please note, there’s a minimum weight of 15kg and clothes must be in a good, reusable condition — no bric a brac please.
  5. When you’re ready to have your bag collected, go back to the website, log in and pick the date you want them to collect your bag. They can pick it up from your home or your work.
  6. If you’d like, you can ask clothes for charity to send you an SMS reminder on the day of collection.
  7. Their City Link courier will then arrive on the day of collection to pick up your bag and return it to their depot for processing.
  8. Then, once they’ve received your bag and scanned the enclosed barcode, they’ll send you an email saying thanks and letting you know that the value of your donation has arrived safely with us.

 Best of all, while most charity clothing collection schemes will only hand over £70 per tonne to the charity, they give us £200 per tonne, meaning we can do even more great work thanks to your donation.

So please donate through Clothes For Charity and ask your friends to do the same. The more clothes donated on our behalf, the more great work we can do!



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