Next meeting of Edinburgh 18-30 Group takes place on Monday, 29th October (7-9pm) in the meeting room of Starbucks Coffee Shop, 120 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 4AD. You are very welcome to attend if you’re aged 18-30 and have lived experience of bipolar (through diagnosis or as a friend, family, carer). No referral or appointment needed… and it’s free!

This meeting will be hosted in partnership with Enable Scotland and will focus on the issue of ‘finding and keeping work’. Discussion topics will include:

* How do you find paid and unpaid work with a condition like bipolar?
* Should you disclose your condition?
* What’s the best way to talk about your condition with your boss, colleagues and HR staff?
* How do you keep a job with a fluctuating condition like bipolar?
* And any other issues you’d like to raise…

Should be a very good night and we hope you can make it….

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