The next meeting of Glasgow West Bipolar Group will be on Wednesday, 23rd May (7-9pm) at Flourish House, 23-25 Ashley Street, Glasgow G3 6DR. The Group will have 3 distinguished guests on Weds night (hold on to that excitment!). Firstly, Graeme Bowman, Bipolar Scotland Development Officer will be there. Secondly – and with the Group’s consent – we hope that 2 pupils from Lenzie Academy will attend the second half of the evening. The Lenzie Academy pupils have chosen Bipolar Scotland for their Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) and want to learn more about our work. Graeme will come along at 7pm and ask the Group if its OK for 2 young people to join us at the break and – if so – they will come along for 8pm. The Group decides who attends the meeting and we always try and consult in advance but there is a wee bit of a deadline to the YPI thing. The Group is not a ‘spectator sport’ but the only way to smash stigma and stereotyping is by sharing the reality of bipolar with people who are interested so we hope the Group is OK with the 2 pupils coming along. If they win their YPI event, Bipolar Scotland will get £3K and this could fund a Self-Management Training course in Glasgow next year so there may be something in it for us as well. As always, no referral needed to attend the Group – anyone with an interest in bipolar (including friends, family, carers) and individuals with a diagnosis very welcome to attend… and it’s free!

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