The next meeting of Lothian Bipolar Group will be on Thursday, 11th January (7-9pm) at the Stafford Centre, 103 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3RZ. No referral needed – anyone with an interest in bipolar (including friends, family, carers) very welcome to attend. Our guest speaker for the night will be a rep from Edinburgh Crisis Centre. If you’ve had any contact with the Crisis Centre, you’ll know how important this service is. If you’ve not had any contact with them, learn more at or come along to our meeting! And that’s not all… Bipolar Scotland’s Fundraising Officer Gwen Joubert will also be at the meeting both to discuss her work and to incite everyone to think of taking part in this year’s Edinburgh Kilt Walk… and who can resist the prospect of a swinging sporran as we stride out across the moors and heath… And finally, Darren Pearson (a student of Mental Health Nursing) will also attend the meeting as he is very keen to understand bipolar from the patient’s perspective so he hopes to be able to speak to one or two people informally at break-time so if you are willing to share any of your experience with Darren, don’t be shy… but only if you feel up for it 😀 So, it should be a very interesting and informative evening on Thursday… much better than staying in and watching a lot of old tosh on the box….

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