This survey is for Pole to Pole. Pole to Pole is about people exploring and communicating about bipolar disorder. It was developed between NHS Fife Psychology department and Fife Bipolar self help group.

Pole to Pole is looking to develop and facilitate group sessions for people with lived experience of bipolar disorder, whether affected directly or as someone who supports a person with bipolar disorder. We collect information, resources and support from people with experience of bipolar disorder to share with others who may find it helpful.

In this survey we would like to ask anyone with experience of bipolar disorder about words and phrases all to do with bipolar disorder. We would like to ask people with the diagnosis, people who support or care for people with a bipolar diagnosis and healthcare workers who work with people affected by bipolar disorder. We plan to put the responses into our Pole to Pole “Phrasebook” and make it accessible and free to all. We are interested in gathering a range of ideas and opinions about the words that are associated with bipolar disorder. We are asking what you think and there are no wrong answers. The survey closes on Friday 15 May 2015.

To complete the survey please click on the link –

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