Sleepless nights are here once more
I hear a noise it comes from the door
It is only my mother checking on me
I’m afraid of the dark I cannot see
I close my eyes and the demons come
I need a cuddle from my dear mum
The wind howls, the rain pours down
I cuddle closer to my wee toy clown
Will they come and take me this dark wintry night
I can hear more noises they give me a fright
I pray to the Lord to look after me
I’m afraid of the dark I cannot see
The wind is howling the shadows sway
The demons are here but will they stay
I hear a voice it calls my name
I fear the demons this is my shame
The light goes on and mother is there
She shows her love and her motherly care
She strokes my hair I am held by her arm
I know I am safe I will come to no harm

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