Visiting my nanny in Riccarton
As a child, was not much fun
Everything had to be spotless
I got a row if I dropped a crumb
She black leaded the grate every day
And I got to scrub the doorsteps
She did a washing every day
And the aprons and handkerchiefs were starched,
As were the pillowslips and collars
If I got a cold and had to blow my nose
I was given a well starched hankie
And my nose finished up like a red rose.

Visiting my nanny and papa in Auchinleck
Had a totally different feeling
Life was happy, life was fun
I was taught to be a good girl
Getting lots of love, instead of rows
Everyone in Auchinleck knew each other
I didn’t know many people there –
But they all knew who I was
Because, “ye’re jist like Gracie, yer mum –
Wi’ yer fair curly hair an’ yer smile!”
When I was wee I would rather be in Auchinleck
Than anywhere else in the world.

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