They visited twice that day,
First to say they couldn’t find you.

Sunlight became muted.
Breezes danced with the occasional grass.

When they came back
A child learnt that life can vanish.

We said goodbye to you this day,
In an unfamiliar graveyard.

Sunlight was muted.
Shadows played across the tree trunks.

Yet to the child, you were lost,
Before you were truly known.

You were fair and calm, clever and smart.
You were swimming in the dam on hot afternoons.

You were playing cricket out the front.
You were pulling things apart and making them work.

You were playing chess till I learnt to win.
You were listening to music, teaching me how to hear it.

You were my safety, my sanity.
You were my father, I am your daughter.

Sunlight ever muted.
Mists of rain across dreams window.

My memories are but echoes,
Of who you really were.

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