Will You Make A Lasting Promise?

No-one wants to think about death but we all want to know that our wishes will be carried out and we can do this by making a will. Making a will is less complicated than you might think and a reputable solicitor will charge £70-£300 depending on the complexity of your requests – some solicitors who participate in Free Wills Month even do it for free. A will provides peace of mind and ensures that your property and possessions go where you want them to go. You can’t avoid death - but making a will lets you manage some of its effects.

"Nobody wants to think about dying but I was encouraged to write my Will when I bought a flat. It makes sense as I want to make sure that my wishes are carried out without causing any extra stress or upset for my loved ones.

I want my possessions to go to my family but also want to leave a gift to Bipolar Scotland to thank them for all the support they've given me over the years. As a member of the board I also know that more people can access that vital support as a result and I'm glad that I can help in some way" -Michelle

Why leave a legacy?

We all want to change the world for the better and leaving Bipolar Scotland a legacy will ensure that your money continues to do great work after you’ve gone by helping people from a wide range of backgrounds. Bequeathing money to a charity is also tax efficient as any gift or bequest is deducted before inheritance tax is calculated.

If you’d like to leave Bipolar Scotland a legacy or read our Leaving a Legacy leaflet.


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