Self-Management Training (Lite)

Self-Management Training Lite is a condensed online version of our Self-Management Training Course and introduces many of the principles of self-management of bipolar disorder.


Our Self-Management Training Lite course contains 4 modules:

  1. Acceptance

  2. Warning signs, personal triggers & coping strategies

  3. Self-compassion and preparing for the future

  4. Bringing it all together


The course runs via Zoom over a period of four weeks with a commitment of two hours on a Monday evening from 6pm till 8pm. There is also the option of the support of an informal drop-in session with your tutors on a Wednesday at 1pm till 1.30pm where at home tasks can be discussed and explored.


It is important to be aware that there is a large discussion and participatory element. With this in mind, we ask that participants feel in a robust enough place in their recovery to engage fully in discussions surrounding acceptance of their condition, early warning signs and triggers, coping strategies and lifestyle choices.


As the course is designed to draw on people’s experiences and includes lots of opportunity for discussion, it is expected that you complete the preparation tasks before each Monday session.


All Self-Management Training Lite course participants must be Bipolar Scotland members and you can join here or by calling our office on 0141 560 2050. For any Self-Management Training Lite queries, advice or specific questions then please email the Self-Management Training Lite team at: