About Bipolar Disorder

Types of Bipolar

There are three main types of Bipolar Disorder:

Bipolar 1

People affected by Bipolar 1 experience the full mood spectrum from mania to depression and may also experience psychosis.

Bipolar 2

People affected by Bipolar 2 experience the same depths of depression as individuals with Bipolar 1 but do not experience full blown mania – they usually experience hypomania (a lesser mania).  People affected by Bipolar 2 are sometimes misdiagnosed as they often present symptoms of low mood or depression to their GP and are treated with antidepressants which are not very helpful if bipolar is the underlying condition.


Cyclothymia is on the bipolar spectrum People affected by cyclothymia tend to fluctuate between hypomania and low mood. The extremes of mood are not usually as extreme as in bipolar 1 or 2.

Some people tend to experience more frequent fluctuations between extremes of mood which is known as rapid cycling. This is most likely to occur with cyclothymia.