Beyond Diagnosis

A brand new service from Bipolar Scotland that will help you explore ways to move forward through shared experience.

What We Do

Beyond Diagnosis offers adults in Scotland that are newly diagnosed with bipolar the unique experience of engaging with Peer Workers and Peer Volunteers who can support you for up to six months. We understand that a diagnosis affects everyone differently.

Watch our short video explaining our new service below:

For some, the road to understand what you’re going through has been long and getting a diagnosis at last can feel like a relief, and for others it’s an unexpected diagnosis that brings about feelings of confusion, fear and uncertainty about the future. Whatever you’re feeling, we’re here to help you understand that a diagnosis is life changing but not life ending.

Our aim is to provide support as unique as you are. In the first instance we will connect you with a Peer Worker who will get to know you and help you identify what you would find most helpful. This might look like:  

  • Space to talk about your bipolar with someone who understands

  • Help understanding what a diagnosis means for you

  • Support on how to speak to others about your bipolar

  • Support to increase your self-confidence following a diagnosis

  • Help being able to self-advocate for what you need with medical professionals

  • Support to stay in work or education

  • Support extended to those important people in your life

We may also link you with a Peer Volunteer who can share their own insight and experiences that are unique to your situation. Beyond Diagnosis offers remote support to allow us to reach people all across Scotland. This means we can connect with you over phone or video.

Who We Are

We currently have a team of three Peer Workers and a growing team of Peer Volunteers. Find out more about some of our Beyond Diagnosis team. All of our Beyond Diagnosis staff and volunteers live with bipolar.

What is Peer Support?

Peer support is a relationship of mutual support where people with similar life experiences offer each other support, especially as they move through difficult or challenging experiences.

Peer Workers are people with personal experience of mental health problems who are trained and employed to work in a formalised role in support of others in recovery. The peer worker role involves developing mutually empowering relationships; sharing experiences in a way that inspires hope; and offering hope and support as an equal (Scottish Recovery Network, 2012).


How to Get Involved

If you live in Scotland and have been recently diagnosed with bipolar, then Beyond Diagnosis might be for you. If you would like to chat with one of our team, please complete this short form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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