About Bipolar Disorder

Self-Management Training (SMT)

Recovering from bipolar is often rooted in an individual’s ability to manage the condition. Bipolar Scotland runs a modular Self-Management Training (SMT) course which teaches people how to recognise personal triggers and early warning signs which can then help them take action to prevent a mood escalating into severe depression or mania. Our SMT course contains five modules:

Module 1: Acceptance
Module 2: Triggers and warning signs
Module 3: Coping strategies and medication management
Module 4: Focussing on the future
Module 5: Bringing it all together

Each SMT course runs over two full days (normally weekends) and a follow-up half-day (morning only) four weeks later. Each course can accommodate 12 people and all participants should be able to participate on all three days. The course can cover some challenging topics so people should only sign up for the course if they feel well and strong and haven’t recently been hospitalised.


We try to run 3-4  courses each year in locations around Scotland. All SMT course participants must be Bipolar Scotland members and you can join here  or by calling our office on 0141 560 2050.