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Peer Support 

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Bipolar Scotland are excited to launch a new Peer Support Initiative. We believe that living with Bipolar makes you an expert in your own experiences. Our peer support workers will chat to you and share experiences that will help you towards your personal recovery. Our 9 peer values which include  hope, empowerment , empathy and aspiration, will help you map out your goals. As peers we look forward to walking alongside you and learning together.

You can access the peer support initiative by clicking on the icon above or here to download the referral form. Once completed please email it to peersupport@bipolarscotland.org.uk 

We will only receive referrals directly from the individual and not through a third party.

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Self Help Groups

Bipolar Scotland grew out of Self-Help Groups and our Groups remain hugely important to us. Our groups meet once a month (usually 7-9pm) and are free to attend. You don’t have to be a Bipolar Scotland member and you don’t need a referral or an appointment. Our groups are places where people who live with bipolar can share ideas and information on how to improve their quality of life. They’re great places for letting off steam about issues that are stressing you and for getting support from people who know what you’re talking about.
Our groups are equally open to friends, family and carers of people with a bipolar diagnosis and have regular guest speakers, so please come and join us.
If you live in an area which isn’t served by one of our groups and would like to help
set one up, why not get in touch via 0141 560 2050 or info@bipolarscotland.org.uk
we’d love to hear from you.
Find your nearest group from the list below.
Group House Rules

All groups are currently meeting online 



 for further information 

Self Management Training

What People Say

Our SMT course is designed, developed and delivered by people with lived experience of bipolar. It provides learning which seeps more deeply into people’s bones than courses provided by health professionals without lived experience. But don’t believe us – read what recent trainees say about this life-changing experience. And as you can see, we provide the course in locations all over Scotland.

What is it?

Recovering from bipolar is often rooted in an individual’s ability to manage the condition. Bipolar Scotland runs a modular Self-Management Training (SMT) course which teaches people how to recognise personal triggers and early warning signs which can then help them take action to prevent a mood escalating into severe depression or mania. Our SMT course contains five modules:

Module 1: Acceptance
Module 2: Triggers and warning signs
Module 3: Coping strategies and medication management
Module 4: Focussing on the future
Module 5: Bringing it all together

Each SMT course runs over two full days (normally weekends) and a follow-up half-day (morning only) four weeks later. Each course can accommodate 12 people and all participants should be able to participate on all three days. The course can cover some challenging topics so people should only sign up for the course if they feel well and strong and haven’t recently been hospitalised.


We try to run 3-4  courses each year in locations around Scotland. All SMT course participants must be Bipolar Scotland members and you can join here  or by calling our office on 0141 560 2050.

How do I Sign Up?
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